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"I thoroughly enjoyed each talent, and loved being able to share my opinion. I wish to make this known to every participant who poured their efforts in my weekly workout, and let everyone know how sorry I am that it took so long to get the comments posted and complete my feedback. I hope my tardiness didn't come off in any way as being callous with the talent's precious time, and would like to make clear that it's actually a good sign that things are soooo busy with voice over that the completion of my commitment was as difficult to deliver on time as it was. I am a one-man shop, but VERY serious and dedicated to the talent of this great acting community, and would in no way slight them, or inconvenience them or make them feel unimportant. I celebrate everyone who submitted, and cheer us all on as we strive to grow and keep the business thriving and strong. THANKS to Voicebank and VoiceRegistry for being the prominent source of VO work, and strong connection between talent and agent/client. I am humbled that you asked me again to guest-listen, and am impressed with the level of talent partaking in the workout since the last time."
"On the weekly workout I heard a person named (omitted for privacy)…loved his voice. Does he have rep??? I am also interested in….(three more actors named)."
"Please refresh my memory, how would I get in touch with the actors that we are interested in representing?"
"I hope your student actors (not sure what else to call them) got what they were looking for with last night's commentary, some of them were very very good! - I'd love to hear demos from..."
"There were some really solid folks I went through!! Would I be able to seek them out for representation? Did the talent who participated in the weekly workouts have representation already?"
"Kudos to Voicebank/Voice Registry. Being a Platinum Member may very well be the hands-down best value in all of the VO world. Equal appreciation for all the guest listeners." - Bruce
"Hi! I just want to thank you guys for all you do. I've been practicing my VO regularly with great feedback the whole year. Every week I do it, I get better. And it keeps me sharp, so when I get a chance to submit for regular paid gigs (which happened last week), I stand a much better chance of booking it (which also happened last week) because I practice regularly (thanks to you!). So... thank you!" - Briana
"Hey...just to let you know. I love you dearly. In my read for Lena Morgan at Rock Star Entertainment, she invited me to reach out to her if I was seeking representation. I jumped on that offer in record time! She was sending me auditions even before the paper work was signed by the end of the week. Been walking on Cloud 10 ever since!! I'm still looking to learn from the best in the biz though...here's my read, and thank you again for this wonderful service." - Scott
"Don't know if you're aware, but weekly workouts was touting that Mike Shallbetter was coming back. And I think it was said that last time he got a good client. If so, I think that client was me. Still with him and DPN. I Can't say enough good things about Mike. Among other things he's hooked me up with NFL Films in NY, which I've done a number of features and a fiveseries show on Travel Channel, called 'NFL Road Tested'. It's been a very rewarding relationship." - Rick
"The weekly workouts are amazing. Even the weeks I didn't quite nail it, I took the feedback seriously and adjusted what I was doing for the next one. I've recommended them to several other up and coming voice actors I know because it's done so much for me, I can't thank you enough." - All the Best, Greg
"Happy to do it any time...I usually find a diamond in the rough!"

Mike Shallbetter
Executive Vice President
"I would love to be a part of this! Last year was a great experience for me and I’m excited to do this again with you all! Thanks"

Calle Hack
VO Agent
Lily's Talent
"Last fall I read for Ralph Cooper from Capital Talent Agency for a weekly workout. Shortly afterward you informed me that he wanted to get ahold of me about possible representation and to keep you posted. I'm happy and thankful to say that I have signed with Capital Talent Agency! Thanks so much and thanks to everyone at VoiceRegistry for the service you offer. To be able to read for agents and to get feedback is invaluable. Many thanks" - Judy Fossum
"Thank you...and thanks for the opportunities for all of us to be heard every week. I know I have told you this before, but I really promote Voice Registry to my peers and everyone in my script workout group. Nothing bad can come of these workouts. Great way to be heard by an agent and follow up with that agent afterwards! Thanks again!" - Roy G. Lunel
Just wanted to let you know I did just sign with Ralph Cooper at Capital talent. Producing my commercial demo on Wed. I can’t tell you how invaluable these weekly workout are to me! Thanks!!" - Kara Kovacich Stewart
“Might I just add, these workouts have been the best practice I can ask for while getting feedback from so many people in the industry. Thanks for running this!” - Max Myers